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Life as it is

Dear Friends,

I'm so sorry I haven't been around these days, well, er, months. I would say tumblr took my soul, but that would be a lie, though not entirely. RL has gotten my attention I suppose. I was involved as a committee member of a local film festival, where it showcases LGBT and human rights themed movies. It was a tiring but fun experience, although dealing with bigots isn't exactly a picnic in the park. I acquired new friends, reconnected with old friends, and was introduced by life to a wonderful lady who is now my girlfriend.

So yeah, life is good for now. I hope I can write more. But for now, no news is good news :)


To Do List before 2011

1. Revamp personal LJ
2. Start posting regularly, even mundane inane things.

That's right ladies and gents, I think I'm going to make a comeback. 2010 was life-changing, for better and for worse. Let's see if I can stick to this plan accordingly.



Let's see whether this works.

Anyway, I'm currently swamped with work. The Glee soundtrack is nicely accompanying my zombielike state today.

Hope I can update more later.


I thought I could sleep in today, but...

I just pulled an all nighter finishing a report. I still need to make a presentation video for tomorrow. But I thought I could actually sleep this day, the whole afternoon, before I start on the video. But noooo. Just when I was about to go to sleep at noon, there's loud music from the basketball court besides my house. The basketball court pretty much functions as a community gathering place also... and I don't know why out of all days this month, they chose today to have a music event there (Indonesians, read : DANGDUTAN). It's not that I hate the music, it's just that... it's so loud... when I want to sleep T__T. I only slept around 3 hours, and that was after dusk, when I thought they'd stop for sure. But noooo, the music in the afternoon was probably just soundcheck or a warm up, because louder music woke me up an hour ago.

Nasiiiib, nasiiiib. Mending kalo yang nyanyi bagus semua. Instead of a soundcheck, I think some of these 'singers' need a reality check... *sigh*

Will check up F-list thoroughly next. I think finally I get a break from these deadlines. Deadlines? Can I have a lifeline please? Or call a friend?

Break time!

Finally, a real weekend! With no work!

I've been MIA to do field data intake and writing reports, with so many deadlines coming up at the same time I guess it couldn't be helped that we had to work during holidays and such. At least the Chinese New Year gave us a bit of a break too (and a friend kidnapped me to cook for her birthday barbecue which was fun but tiring), but after that most of us only slept around 3-4 hours every night. Yesterday I slept really well (not to mention long, too ^^).

I've manage to catch bits and pieces of my f-list during the past month, and whoa, many things are changing in this world. There's Takarazuka with its massive top star graduation (3 troupes? Star, Cosmos and half of Snow?), Heroes almost jumped the shark again, Runaways getting Whedonized (yes, I'm slow with this one, and I'm actually afraid of reading now ^^;) and other things. And yes, things happening in the news, but right now I'm not going to mention them, as they're pretty depressing and I'm not in the mood for that.

Anyway, I'm going to catch up with movies and other things that I've missed lately. Just watched Red Cliff 2 last night. I enjoyed it very much! I had to go to 2 different cinemas to get tickets, and wound up second row from the front, but very worth it. I've mentioned this to someone, that somehow the movie is very poetic despite the violence being portrayed. Then again, most high budgeted Asian movies tend to have that feeling for me.

By the way, I love weekend banking! Yes, I know, people in the banking business might give me the death glare, but I don't care! :P It really helps that I can do my transactions on the weekend, when I actually have time to do so. Which is what I did today. And after that, did the monthly shopping. Funny how those regular activities can actually be enjoyable, after not being able to do so in such a long time, after a series of going-straight-to-the-office-in-the-morning-and-going-straight-home-late episodes ^^.


How time flies. I guess I haven't been around LJ for a while. I sometimes do read my F-list, but I think I missed many updates on many things. If there are important things that I should know about, please feel free to comment and notify me! :)

Things have been busy lately and I'm pretty exhausted. Not necessarily bad things, but sometimes I just want a break and do something very different ^^. Oh yeah, I already did have a vacation-type excursion with my office-mates, and I did have fun, but I feel that I'm still lacking something.

And yes, dear Yesasia, a month has almost passed since you notified me that my Tsukigumi IV and Hoshigumi IV mooks have been shipped, yet my package still isn't here T__T. What's up? This never happened before! And what makes it worst, I can't seem to open the yesasia site to find out where I can reach the customer service people. Drat.

Anyway, sorry for the non-fun. I'm pretty much drained today. I went to an orphanage with my friends, to pick up the baby my friend adopted. This was my first time going to an orphanage, and this one is actually a nice one. So many cute babies and toddlers were there though, and interacting with them touched me yet saddened me at the same time. Especially knowing that most of them were left there not because their parents aren't alive, but because their parents couldn't support them financially, and some were outright abandoned at the hospital after birth. My friends picked up the babies and played with them. I was too scared of dropping the babies so I just played with them while they were being held by my friends ^^. I'm a bit awkward with little kids, but I tried my best to talk with them, so yeah ^^;

Yesasia, my moooooks!


Persepolis is a coming of age story, of Marjan Satrapi, an Iranian woman who had to leave her country because of the war and politics/culture change that occurred after the fall of the Shah regime. From what I understood, the story is from Satrapi's own experiences and point of view. As a child, she went through a revolution, war, losing loved ones because of dictatorship veiled by religion and well, losing freedom in one's own country because of your own people.

What is the movie about?Collapse )

Oh well, I'm rambling, but on an end note, I enjoyed this movie very much, and hope that my own country will not turn into present Iran. My parents were there for a year, and though they say that they live well there, and the economy is good and everything, but there's also this tension and fear of saying the 'wrong' things, or wearing the 'wrong' things. I'm all for religion as a spiritual guide to life, but when it is used for a tool to control people, well, it loses its meaning and it becomes a mere tool.

That reminds me, Happy Eidul Fitri, everyone! I didn't go to any relatives since everyone is out of town this year, and I'm still recovering from this tropical virus that's been going around. I did go to PIM however to eat, and took advantage of their Lebaran sale. My brother and I went crazy over comicbooks at Kinokuniya. I hope they have the sale again come christmas ^^.

No knife? Letter opener will do!

I'm staying at home recuperating while having an Elisabeth marathon and I just realized something. The suicide attempt scene before Ich gehor nur mir/ Watashi dake ni? I already realized that the Vienna version doesn't have it. But I just realized what object the Takarazuka Elisabeth(s) tried to use to commit suicide. A letter opener! That's what it is right? Elisabeth found it inside a book. I suppose it's used as a bookmark. I thought it was a knife before, but who'd use a knife as a bookmark in their bedroom? So Lucheni stabs Elisabeth with a letter opener? ^^; I just find this a bit amusing somehow.

The bridge in the Austrian production, still loving it.
Mate Kamaras hanging on a bell is also still amusing.
Still can't decide who is the craziest Lucheni, Kiriyan or Serkan.
Magee's grown up Elmer still has the most best mustache.
Hiromi with a beard, still priceless XDD

It's Too Darn Hot!

Hehe, yes, I can't resist using that song title. But yes, the weather lately has been crazy here. Cloudy skies with intense heat, yet no rain. And today, after 3 weeks of fasting, is the first day I just wanted to break my fast at 7 am due to the intense heat ^^; I didn't though, instead I took a cold shower and went back to sleep XDD

I guess I should busy myself. Yesterday I was pretty productive, fixing my old bookcase that collapsed a few months ago. I guess today I can reorganize my books again, and clean my room or whatever. And if all fails I'll just collapse on my bed and wait for the sunset. Yes, my spiritual-religion-ritual sense has regressed to a 6 year old when it comes to fasting this year. I blame my office mates, who started to regress before I did :P

Alright, will go to the post office tomorrow before work, to send mail and packages to some people :)

One more week of work before the holidays!

6 hours to go before sunset! XDD

I think I'll pop in Season of Angels to make time go faster.

With my freeze ray I will stop the world!

Still a living zombie, but at least I managed to sleep. Right now I'm actually sleepy at work. Note to self, do not take drugs that makes me drowsy after midnight. And I only took a paracetamol, not a sleeping pill ^^.

There are many things that I want to write actually. Movies that I've seen. Shows that I've watched. Songs that I'm listening to right now. But of course, I'm not in the mood to write I'm lazy there's always not enough time.

While trying to overcome insomnia one day at a time, I've been rearranging my room, to the tunes of Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. I can see me rearranging the whole house eventually. I guess it's a start, for ... rearranging my life? Well, it all started when my bookshelf collapsed. So I got myself new shelves. And for some strange reason, the tiles in the garage have risen. This year, the tiles in my parents bathroom and in the living room has suffered the same fate, again. Sometimes I think the house has a mind of its own and it really wants to annoy me ^^.

Oh, Dr. Horrible? It's a fun show. It's from Joss Whedon, so while it's fun, it's also angsty and has some annoying parts. But I love Neil Patrick Harris in this. And the Laundry Day song is stuck in my head. A proper review will come later. When I'm not half-drugged ^^.

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